Looking for an exceptional nuru massage experience in Bangkok? You’re in the right place. At Nuru Massage Bangkok, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the city’s finest nuru massage parlors.

Bangkok is known for its vibrant energy, but amidst this bustling city lie havens of tranquility – the best nuru massage spots you could ask for. We’ve meticulously selected these parlors for their quality, girls, ambiance, and exceptional service. From intimate, cozy settings to more luxurious escapes, our listings are your go-to guide for finding your ideal nuru massage retreat.

Nuru massage is more than just a service; it’s an experience that combines age-old techniques with a touch of modern luxury, ensuring a rejuvenating escape from the everyday. The parlors we feature are not just about happy ending massages; they’re about creating an atmosphere where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the essence of nuru massage in Bangkok.

As you browse through our curated selection, you’ll find that each parlor has something unique to offer. Whether you’re a first-timer curious about nuru massage or a seasoned aficionado, our platform caters to all preferences. We invite you to explore, to discover the perfect spot that resonates with your desire for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Step into the world of Nuru Massage Bangkok, where each listing is a promise of an unforgettable experience. Let us help you find that perfect moment of kinkiness in the heart of Bangkok.

Choosing the Right Nuru Massage Parlor

Selecting the best Thai Nuru massage parlor in Bangkok for you requires careful consideration of girls selection, hygiene standards, establishment’s reputation, and the skill level of the nuru masseuse. At Nuru Massage Bangkok, we present a diverse and meticulously selected range of nuru massage parlors, each offering a unique experience that caters to various preferences and desires. Our listings are not just a random compilation of happy ending massages parlors; they are a showcase of the finest, most reputable nuru massage parlors in Bangkok, ensuring that every choice you make here leads to an exceptional experience.

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Quality first

Vetted Nuru Massage Parlors: Every nuru massage parlor listed on our site undergoes a thorough vetting process. We personally look at various aspects such as the skill and professionalism of the masseuses, the quality of the facilities, and the overall customer experience.
Authentic Nuru Experiences: We ensure that the parlors adhere to the authentic practices of nuru massage, using proper techniques and high-quality materials to provide a genuine and fulfilling experience.

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Real experience ratings

Real Reviews and Ratings: To help you make an informed decision, our platform features real reviews and ratings from customers who have experienced Nuru massage services firsthand.
Updated and Curated Listings: Our team continuously updates and curates the nuru massage parlors listings to ensure that you have access to the latest and most sought-after nuru massage experiences in Bangkok.

Best Nuru Massage parlors in Bangkok

1. Bkk Vice Nuru Massage parlor

Welcome to BKK Vice, the coolest spot in Bangkok for an unforgettable Nuru and Soapy massage experience. Nestled right in the heart of Sukhumvit and just a hop away from Phrom Pong BTS station, this place is all about spicing up your massage game. Think of a Miami vibe straight out of the 80s, complete with a Grand Theft Auto Vice City theme – yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds! At BKK Vice, you’ll find some luxurious rooms with private Jacuzzis, perfect for a soapy or nuru massage session. The “Vice” therapists at BKK Vice are among the best, skilled in delivering authentic nuru and soapy massages that promise not just relaxation but a memorable experience. If you’re in Bangkok and looking for a nuru massage that’s a cut above the rest, BKK Vice is your go-to destination.

Bkk Vice nuru massage parlor

Experience: When you enter BKK Vice nuru massage parlor, it feels like being in “Grant Theft Auto” Vice city video game, with an interior design based on Miami 70’s style. It creates an atmosphere that was both exciting and make you feel that once you enter, you can do anything you want as in GTA games.

Service Quality: The service at BKK Vice was impeccable. From the warm welcome at the reception to the attentive care by experienced “Vice” therapists throughout the massage session, every aspect of the service was geared towards ensuring a memorable experience.

Masseuses: The masseuses at BKK Vice are some of the best in town. They are not only attractive but also highly professional and skilled in nuru massage techniques. Their approach to clients satisfaction is commendable, making each session feel personalized and unforgetable.

Nuru masseuses bkk vice

Massage Techniques: The massage techniques employed at BKK Vice are a blend of Nuru massage methods and innovative approaches. The Vice therapists’ expertise in these techniques was evident, providing a deeply relaxing and erotic experience.

Nuru Gel: The Nuru gel used was of excellent quality. It had the perfect consistency and temperature, enhancing the sensual aspect of the massage and ensuring a truly authentic Nuru experience.

Recommendation: I highly recommend BKK Vice for anyone looking for a high-quality Nuru massage experience in Bangkok. The combination of skilled masseuses, unique GTA Vice city ambiance, and excellent service makes it a top choice for both Nuru massage enthusiasts and newcomers.


  • Unique and engaging Miami 70’s style interior design.
  • Highly skilled and professional masseuses.
  • Excellent service quality and massage techniques.


  • The specific theme “Grand Theft Auto” might not align with everyone’s taste.

Reviewer: nurumaster / 12/12/2023

2. AYA Bangkok, Nuru Massage Oasis

AYA Massage Bangkok, nestled in Sukhumvit, is a luxurious Nuru and Soapy massage parlor blending Moroccan charm with Oriental elegance. Offering a range of erotic massage therapies in deluxe rooms and VIP Jacuzzi suites, AYA provides an unforgettable, serene experience in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling district.

Aya bangkok nuru massage parlor

Experience: Walking into AYA Bangkok is like stepping in an oasis of erotism. The Moroccan and Oriental fusion in the decor is not just unique; it’s a whole vibe. It’s this cool blend of exotic luxury with a laid-back feel that instantly sets the mood for relaxation. The ambient lighting and soft music add to the serene atmosphere, making it a perfect escape from Bangkok’s hustle.

Service Quality: From the moment you arrive, the service at AYA Bangkok impresses. The staff greet you with genuine smiles and a warm, welcoming attitude. They’re attentive without being intrusive, ensuring your comfort and privacy are prioritized. It’s clear they’re trained to provide not just a service, but an experience.

Masseuses: The therapists at AYA Bangkok are in a league of their own. They’re not just hot and skilled; they bring a sense of passion and dedication to their craft. Each masseuse has a unique style, blending traditional techniques with intuitive touches. Their professionalism is evident, ensuring an intimate and sensual nuru massage experience.

aya bangkok nuru masseuse

Massage Techniques: AYA Bangkok’s nuru massage techniques are a perfect harmony of tradition and innovation. The therapists use a variety positions, adapting to your body’s needs. The way they incorporate Nuru techniques is impressive, providing a deeply satisfying and erotic experience.

Nuru Gel: The Nuru gel at AYA Bangkok deserves a special mention. It’s silky, smooth, and just the right consistency, enhancing the sensual aspect of the massage. The gel complements the therapist’s movements, allowing for a seamless and fluid massage that feels incredible.

Recommandation: If you’re in Bangkok and looking for an exceptional Nuru or Soapy massage experience, AYA Bangkok should definitely be on your list. With its unique blend of Moroccan heritage and Oriental charm, AYA offers a luxurious and sensual environment that’s perfect for your Arabian Nights fantasy.


  • Unique and captivating Moroccan-Oriental ambiance.
  • Exceptionally skilled and attentive therapists.
  • High-quality, silky Nuru gel enhancing the massage experience.


  • The thematic decor might not align with everyone’s preferences.

Reviewer: nurumaster / 12/05/2023

3. Daisy Dream, Nuru Massage Bangkok Club

Daisy Dream Bangkok is an exquisite Erotic, Soapy, and Nuru Massage Parlor located in the heart of Sukhumvit. Known for its outstanding interior design, Daisy Dream features a unique vintage theatrical lounge ambiance, complete with colorful umbrellas, lanterns, and filtered lights that create a mystical and warm atmosphere.  With its elegant and exclusive setting, Daisy Dream stands out as a premier destination on Bangkok’s adult erotic massage scene, offering affordable luxury with prices starting from 2,000 Baht. The parlor is renowned for its skilled and professional nuru massage therapists, luxury rooms, and 5-star VIP Jacuzzi suites, making it a top choice for those seeking an unforgettable massage experience in Bangkok.

Daisy Dream Nuru massage bangkok club

Experience: Daisy Dream Bangkok is a real treat for guys or couples looking for something special in their Nuru massage experience. The moment you step in, you’re greeted by a fusion of old-world charm and contemporary luxury. The retro vibe is cool and sophisticated, making you feel like you’ve entered a classy, exclusive club from a bygone era, but with all the modern comforts.

Service Quality: The service at Daisy Dream is top-tier. The staff are super attentive, ensuring that from the moment you arrive, you’re treated with the utmost care. They’re all about making your experience personalized and memorable, focusing on your comfort and satisfaction throughout your stay.

Masseuses: With over 30 therapists available at peak times, Daisy Dream offers an impressive selection. These ladies are more than just good-looking; they’re skilled professionals who understand the art of Nuru massage. They know exactly how to tailor the session to your preferences, ensuring a perfect balance of relaxation and erotic excitement.

Daisy Dream Nuru massage team

Massage Techniques: The nuru massage techniques at Daisy Dream strike the perfect balance between traditional Nuru methods and innovative thai touches. The nuru masseuses use their entire body, adapting their techniques to your body’s responses. This approach ensures the massage session is conducted following your every desire.

Nuru Gel: The Nuru gel at Daisy Dream is premium. It’s imported, high-quality gel that’s perfectly slippery, enhancing the tactile sensation of the nuru massage. This gel allows all gliding movements that amplify the sensual aspect of the nuru massage experience.

Recommendation: For any guy in Bangkok seeking a top rated Nuru massage, Daisy Dream is a must-visit. It offers a unique combination of a great vintage atmosphere, professional and attractive masseuses, and exceptional service, ensuring an unforgettable nuru massage experience.


  • A unique blend of vintage and modern ambiance that’s both cool and inviting.
  • A diverse selection of attractive and skilled therapists.
  • Luxury 5-star VIP Jacuzzi rooms
  • Premium Nuru gel that elevates the massage experience.


  • The specific vintage theme might not be to everyone’s taste.

Reviewer: nurumaster / 12/05/2023

4. Kokoro Nuru Massage Bangkok: Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage in Bkk!

Kokoro Massage Bangkok stands out as Japanese Nuru erotic pleasure in, offering a unique blend of traditional and innovative massage techniques in an environment designed to fulfill fantasies and explore desires. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Kokoro is a premier destination for those looking for a traditional japanese ultimate nuru massage experience.

kokor nuru massage parlor bangkok

Experience: Kokoro Massage Bangkok, nestled in the vibrant heart of Bangkok’s Jred District on Soi 23, offers a unique blend of traditional Japanese nuru massage with a twist of erotic pleasure. Since its opening in July 2020, Kokoro has distinguished itself with its authentic Japanese aesthetics and innovative services, making it a must-visit for those seeking an escape into a world of sensual delights. The massage parlor’s ambiance is carefully crafted to provide a serene and inviting atmosphere, with themed rooms that transport you to different realms of fantasy and pleasure.

Service Quality: The service at Kokoro is impeccable, with a focus on creating a welcoming and discreet environment for guests. From the moment you step inside, you’re treated with utmost care and respect, ensuring a comfortable and private experience. The staff’s professionalism and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the service, from the well-maintained and clean facilities to the personalized care provided by the masseuses.

Masseuses: The heart of Kokoro’s success lies in its exceptional team of masseuses. Each masseuse is a testament to beauty, skill, and dedication, offering a unique combination of a girlfriend, wife, and erotic maid. They are carefully selected and trained to excel in providing nuru massages that not only relax the body but also ignite the senses. Their expertise in integrating traditional nuru techniques with playful and erotic elements ensures a memorable experience that caters to the heart’s deepest desires.

kokoro nuru massage girls

Massage Techniques: Kokoro elevates the nuru massage experience with its genuine Japanese approach, using natural nuru gel for a truly sensual body-to-body contact. The massage parlor goes beyond the conventional, offering AV massage sessions that bring your fantasies to life. Whether you dream of a steamy encounter with a sexy Asian secretary, schoolgirl, nurse, or mistress, Kokoro turns these fantasies into reality with cosplay massage, fetish massage, roleplay, toys, and more.

Nuru Gel: The nuru gel used at Kokoro is of the highest quality, ensuring a slippery, smooth experience that enhances the sensual massage. This gel, combined with the skilled movements of the masseuses, allows for an intimate and exhilarating body-to-body contact that is both relaxing and stimulating.

Recommendation: Kokoro Massage Bangkok is a haven for those seeking an erotic massage experience that combines traditional Japanese nuru techniques with the thrill of adult fantasies. With its themed rooms, skilled masseuses, and commitment to quality and discretion, Kokoro offers an unparalleled experience in the heart of Bangkok. Whether you’re a seasoned nuru massage enthusiast or curious about exploring new sensual horizons, Kokoro promises an adventure that’s both luxurious and deeply satisfying.


  • Authentic Japanese nuru massage experience with high-quality nuru gel.
  • Unique AV massage sessions that fulfill erotic fantasies with cosplay and roleplay.
  • Skilled and beautiful masseuses dedicated to providing a memorable sensual experience.


  • The exclusive focus on Traditional Japanese nuru might not cater to all preferences.

Reviewer: nurumaster / 14/02/2024

5. Doki Doki Massage: The Best Place for Nuru Massage Excellence in Bangkok!

Located in the lively streets of Sukhumvit Soi 31, Bangkok, Doki Doki Massage is your go-to spot for an unforgettable nuru massage experience that’s all about getting your heart racing. Opening its doors back in October 2018, this place has quickly made a name for itself. “Doki Doki” isn’t just a cute name; it’s the sound of your heart beating faster with anticipation of what’s to come. Here, it’s all about blending the best of Japan’s Nuru Massage vibes with Bangkok’s flair for sensual adventures. So, if you’re looking to spice up your day (or night) with a touch of excitement, Doki Doki’s got you covered with an experience that’s as thrilling as it is satisfying.

Doki Doki nuru massage parlor

Experience: Doki Doki Massage, located on Sukhumvit Soi 31, is Bangkok’s premier destination for those seeking an immersive nuru massage experience. The term “doki doki” translates to the sound of a heart beating in Japanese, encapsulating the excitement and anticipation that builds as one awaits the next touch. Opening its doors in October 2018, Doki Doki has quickly established itself as a haven of erotic pleasure, drawing on the expertise of its founder, a former standout at Mitu Massage. The parlor’s spacious, clean interiors, complete with large bathing areas reminiscent of Japan’s soaplands, set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Service Quality: Doki Doki prides itself on offering a no-rush service, ensuring that every client leaves with a smile of utmost satisfaction. The establishment operates daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, providing a range of services that cater to various preferences and desires. The staff, from the welcoming mamasan to the skilled masseuses, are dedicated to creating a comfortable and discreet environment for all guests.

Masseuses: The allure of Doki Doki lies in its selection of masseuses, young women in their early 20s to early 30s, chosen for their beauty, skill, and ability to provide unparalleled pleasure. These seductive nuru angels are trained under the watchful eye of experienced professionals in the art of Japanese nuru massage, ensuring a high-quality service that exceeds expectations. Whether it’s the gentle smile of Helen or the allure of Wawa, each masseuse brings her unique charm to the massage table, promising an experience that’s as delightful as it is sensual.

Doki Doki nuru masseuse

Massage Techniques: Specializing in the body-to-body nuru massage, Doki Doki’s masseuses use their entire bodies to massage clients, creating an intimate and sensually charged experience. Techniques such as sliding, grinding, and pressing are employed to stimulate erogenous zones, ensuring a deeply pleasurable experience. The use of high-quality nuru gel and nuru mats further enhances the authenticity and sensuality of the massage, aiming to provide a tantric experience that leaves clients both physically relaxed and sexually satisfied.

Nuru Gel: The cornerstone of Doki Doki’s nuru massage is the premium quality nuru gel used during sessions. This slippery substance allows for seamless body-to-body contact, amplifying the sensual pleasure of the massage and ensuring an experience that’s as authentic as it is exhilarating.

Recommendation: Doki Doki Massage Bangkok stands out as a sanctuary of sensual pleasure, offering an erotic massage experience that goes beyond mere physical relaxation to include a tantalizing exploration of men’s desires. With its commitment to quality, discretion, and customer satisfaction, Doki Doki is the go-to destination for those seeking to get an unforgetable in nuru massage experience in Bangkok.


  • Authentic Japanese nuru massage experience with high-quality nuru gel
  • Skilled and beautiful masseuses dedicated to providing a memorable sensual experience
  • A no-rush service philosophy that prioritizes client satisfaction


  • The premium experience comes at a higher price point compared to other nuru massage parlors

Reviewer: nurumaster / 09/02/2024

Finding a Nuru Massage Near me in Bangkok

Nuru massage masseuse

Looking for a “Nuru massage near me” in Bangkok? Look no further Nuru Massage Bangkok, your go-to online destination for discovering the best Nuru massage parlors in the city. Our comprehensive listings make it effortless to find a high-quality Nuru massage experience close to your location. Whether you’re a local resident or a traveler exploring Bangkok, our user-friendly platform is designed to guide you to the nearest and most reputable Nuru massage services with just a few clicks.

At Nuru Massage Bangkok, we understand the importance of convenience and quality. That’s why our listings are carefully curated to include only the top-rated Nuru massage parlors, complete with detailed information, customer reviews, and up-to-date contact details. Our interactive map feature allows you to quickly identify Nuru massage options that are just around the corner from you, ensuring that relaxation is never far away.

We pride ourselves on being the most reliable source for finding a Nuru massage in Bangkok. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious escape or a cozy, intimate session, Nuru Massage Bangkok is your gateway to the best Nuru experiences the city has to offer. Start your journey towards ultimate erotic relaxation today with Nuru Massage Bangkok, where the best Nuru massage parlors in Bangkok are just a click away.

Nuru massage: a unique experience from Japan

Nuru massage, is this amazing, kind of different massage that comes all the way from Japan. It’s not your usual massage; it’s more like an experience. The heart of Nuru is this really cool, slippery gel made from seaweed. It’s super slick, which is perfect for this kind of massage where the masseuse doesn’t just use their hands. They actually use their whole body, which is pretty awesome. Imagine this: they glide over you, almost like a dance, and it feels incredible. It’s not just about getting those knots out of your muscles; it’s more about this intense, erotic sensation that kind of takes you to another place. It is called ‘Nuru’ because that means ‘slippery’ in Japanese, and it totally makes sense once you experience it. So, if you’re up for something that’s a bit more out there than your standard happy ending massage, Nuru could be just the thing.

The Historical Roots of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage, with its unique and intimate approach to physical and mental relaxation, has a rich history that dates back several centuries in Japan. Originally, it was practiced in the Japanese bathhouses, known as sentōs. These establishments were not just places for bathing but also served as community spaces where people could relax and socialize. The Nuru massage evolved as a special kind of service within these bathhouses, distinguished by its use of the unique Nuru gel, which is made from the nourishing seaweed extract. This gel was prized for its slippery texture, which facilitated a novel and deeply sensual massage experience. Over time, the practice of Nuru massage transcended its traditional boundaries and gained popularity. It began to be recognized not just as a form of physical relaxation but also as an artful expression of intimacy and connection.

nuru massage japan vintage

As it spread beyond Japan, Nuru massage adapted to various cultural contexts, evolving in its technique and presentation, yet always retaining its core essence of deep, intimate, and sensory relaxation.Today, this ancient art has found a thriving new home in Bangkok, where it blends seamlessly with the city’s rich tapestry of wellness practices, becoming a sought-after experience for both locals and visitors seeking a unique and deeply sensual form of relaxation.

Throughout the session, there’s a harmonious blend of traditional massage techniques and the sensual, sliding motions characteristic of Nuru massage.

Inside a Nuru Massage Session

In a Thai Nuru session, you’re in for a unique and immersive kinky experience. It all starts with setting the right atmosphere – think dim lights, soothing music, and a comfortable, warm room. Then comes the Nori gel, the star of the show. The masseuse warms this special seaweed-based gel, known for its incredible slipperiness, and applies it generously to both your body and theirs. What follows is a distinctive massage experience where the masseuse uses not just their hands, but her entire body to massage, including intimate parts. They glide over you, creating a sensation that’s both relaxing and extremely erotic. The movements are fluid and rhythmic, almost like a dance, focusing on every part of your body. This body-to-body contact is what makes Nuru massage so unique – it’s kinky, intimate, deeply relaxing, and erotically stimulating.

Nuru Gel: The Slippery Secret Behind Nuru Massage

Nuru gel is what really makes a Nuru massage stand out. It’s not your usual massage oil or lotion; this stuff is next level. Made from a kind of seaweed extract, and often referred to as Nori gel, it’s super slippery, which is exactly what makes a Nuru massage so unique. Imagine a gel that lets you glide smoother than ever – that’s Nuru gel for you. It’s clear, doesn’t really smell or taste like anything, so it’s all about the feel, not the fuss. Plus, it’s great for your skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated after the kinky massage. This gel isn’t just a part of the massage; it’s the star of the show. It takes the whole body-to-body massage thing to a different, more intimate place, making the whole experience not just about chilling out, but about really connecting with the erotic sensations.

nuru gel

Bangkok Nuru massages: a perfect cultural fit

nuru massage bangkok thai chinese sexy girl

Nuru massages are really making a splash in Bangkok, and it’s not hard to see why. Bangkok’s already a hotspot for happy ending massage and wellness, and Thai Nuru just adds a whole new dimension to that scene. Thai culture has a deep respect for the art of massage, seeing it as more than just relaxation – it’s about overall well-being. Nuru, with its unique body-to-body approach and special gel, brings an exciting and different experience to this tradition.

Bangkok, always buzzing with energy and open to new ideas, is the perfect place for something like Thai Nuru to take off. It’s not just another happy ending massage technique; it’s an immersive experience that really connects with your senses. And in a city that’s all about blending traditions with modern vibes, Nuru fits right in. It offers locals and tourists alike a new way to unwind and enjoy themselves, aligning perfectly with the Thai spirit of hospitality and wellness. So, it’s no surprise that Nuru massages are thriving in Bangkok – they’re a fresh take on relaxation that resonates with the city’s dynamic and welcoming culture.

FAQ: All About Nuru Massage – Insights and Answers

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